Emergency Telephone

Emergency Telephone

Emergency Telephones are provided in different contexts to safeguard people, particularly vulnerable people. Getting stuck in a passenger lift makes the occupants vulnerable and an Emergency Lift Telephone is a means of getting help. Refuges in multi-storey residential buildings will provide a haven for a vulnerable person if there is an emergency in the building and the emergency telephone provides the life-line for a rescue to be organised. In the event of an emergency, the telephone should be easy to use and pre-programmed to call the response service without delay.

Landline telephones are very reliable but when used in the emergency context, they can be compromised just because they are rarely used. The compromise can be due to damage that goes undetected or it can be that the telephone bill is not paid and the line is disconnected. To properly provide an emergency telephone it is necessary to have a maintenance or monitoring programme to ensure its continued effectiveness.

The Terrier communicator’s Emergency Telephone feature is fully monitored so a failure causes an alarm. It also generates an alarm when a call is started which warns the responder where an emergency call is coming from. Another alarm tells the monitoring centre that a call has been completed and whether the call was made successfully. The call can be started by just lifting a handset but it will work with Auto-Dialling Lift Telephones as well. The pre-programmed telephone number makes it useful for managing access to remote buildings by asking the visitor to contact a Control Room.

Landlines are relatively expensive, simple GSM diallers are unmonitored but Terrier Emergency Telephone is fully monitored and surprisingly cheap to run. Contact us to find out more.

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