Industrial Monitoring

Industrial Monitoring

The term industrial monitoring in the remote signalling context is a catch-all phrase because there are so many different types of equipment that are installed in buildings that need to be monitored. In large buildings, a Building Management System (BMS) will monitor mains supplies, heating, lighting, air conditioning and many other types of plant and it is this scale that is hard to replicate in small or remote buildings. So the type of industrial monitoring that can be performed with the Terrier SC communications system will be small-scale and remote, perhaps without any communications infrastructure.

Failures of many kinds provide a need to monitor equipment so that problems can be resolved quickly to minimise damage. Obvious examples include flood detection, freezer temperature rise, mains failure, generator failure, boiler temperature out of range and fuel shortage. Often these can be signalled using the Intruder Alarm communicator but in many remote sites there is no need of an alarm system but a Terrier communicator can signal alarms for just about anything. Many remote sites have no telephone and no Internet but a Terrier communicator can provide a GPRS mobile data connection and even a GSM telephone line through its Emergency Telephone feature.

Terrier communicators are used to monitor many things like medical gas depletion, refridgerator temperature controls for scientific experiments as well as boilers and fuel tanks so we look forward to the next challenge, so please contact us with your application and we can discuss how we can help you.

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