secure connections to your remote sites



Low cost communications provided by private IP networks, over the public Internet and mobile data networks are the medium of choice for secure data transmission. 

Alarm signalling devices installed at many remote sites connect to servers in the monitoring centre. The secure permanent virtual connections, between the devices and the monitoring centre, allow many types of alarm signal and remote command to be used to control and respond to events at remote sites.

Read all about our alarm signalling devices called SPTs (supervised premises transceivers) within this website - and the applications they support with their always-on connection.

Find out more about our:
        - robust server applications,
        - how they interface to monitoring automation systems
        - and provide hot standby operation.

At Terrier SC, we take pride in our products  - designed and manufactured in England from carefully selected components that we source from around the world.  With more than ten years' experience of IP alarm signalling innovation, we offer reliable systems to discerning monitoring centres.

We focus on our customers  - whose ideas we unashamedly develop into practical solutions.

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