Our Team

We really have two teams, the core team who actually come into the office to do the business and who have the pleasure of talking to customers, handling their orders and their questions. We have the business systems and processes to make the installation of servers, the delivery of product and the technical support just tick along. This team consists of:

Tony Tibbles, Director

Tony worked in technical and managerial roles for large companies in the electronic security industry and was involved variously with monitoring centres and their alarm signalling systems. He always thought there would be a way to signal alarms without the restrictions of telephone lines avoiding their high costs. When Broadband came along, the future was clear and so he started Terrier SC, now located in the Kent village of East Peckham where he also lives. He enjoys village life and frequently relocates to another village in the Corbieres where he can indulge his fascination with viniculture.

Margaret Alfieri, Business Support

Margaret has previously worked as a book-keeper for a local manufacturer and a variety of other roles while raising a family. Now she seamlessly manages Terrier’s book-keeping, sales administration, stock control and the all-important Quality system.. She is a dab hand at packing orders and at providing reminders for routine tasks to be done by others! Margaret’s holidays are always meticulously planned in advance and thoroughly enjoyed but she comes back every time smiling and a joy to work alongside.

Bridget Seston, Order Fullfilment

Bridget had a long career in education and has brought the precision learnt from teaching mathematics at many levels to the order fulfillment role. Thoroughly involved in church community, charity and choral activities, she brings balance to the team with her considerable professional experience of social issues.




Then we have the virtual Dev Team because Terrier SC is a technology-based micro-business that needs specialist expertise to develop and enhance the product and the servers for our customers and our supporting infra-structure. Being virtual, we can draw knowledge and experience from other disciplines and from a wide variety of other applications to enrich our secure communications solutions and the team consists of:

Phil Wheeler, Wheeler Systems Ltd

Phil has had a long and successful career developing embedded communication systems and software. He brings his wealth of experience to the work which he now does for Terrier SC. When not working, he enjoys walking and exploring railways, both of the real and model variety.

John Speight, Madreselva Ltd

John started programming while working as a research chemist and progressed through various computer languages before setting up Madreselva to become a contract programmer to work for mainly blue-chip companies. He gave up travelling to work in 2007 so as to have time to travel for pleasure, to renovate a house in Portugal and pursue numerous distractions such as mycology, music and (human) languages.


Richard Dungan, Radix Electronic Design Ltd