The time leading up to Christmas is busy in many ways whether it be speeding up work to be done, shopping for presents, attending school concerts and plays or doing all of the above. At Terrier SC we are pressing on with day to day work and finishing off projects wherever possible. We are looking forward to the Team Lunch at our local and, this year, the three technical specialists who design our products and systems are all able to join us.

I must make a special mention of Bridget, the part-timer who programs product and ships orders, as she is devoting most of her spare time to support Operation Christmas Child. Alongside many other volunteers, Bridget is working at the Tunbridge Wells Processing Centre where they have already handled 20,000 shoe boxes destined for far-flung places. She told me that they are expecting another 20,000 before they finish. The number of volunteers involved around the country in the various stages of this huge operation is quite amazing – it’s so admirable and hard work!

December has started and the clock is running down and we will all get more and more busy until we stop on Christmas Eve. Well, most of us… monitoring centres around the country will be operating as usual with staff taking their turn to maintain cover across the holiday. Like the emergency services, people in ARCs and RVRCs will withdraw from the general merriment to do their shift and help keep us safe and secure.

A very Merry Christmas to you all.