MyAlarm is a new service offered by Terrier SC. Phase one converts alarms into emails. So, install one of our reliable SPT4 communicators at your remote site, connect in the flood detector, boiler alarm, low fuel indicator, mains failure detection or whatever is important to you and get the alarms and warnings delivered into your email inbox.

Our communicators have been delivering security alarms and safety alarms into 24 hour monitoring centres for more than a decade. Now MyAlarm makes the SPT4 communicator available for applications which do not need a fully-resourced 24 hour response. Perhaps you need to roster a maintenance response to a mains failure or maybe you need to know about a water level rising above normal so it can be checked out. MyAlarm brings the alerts into your maintenance process and sends emails to those who need to know.

MyAlarm will handle all of our “always-on” communicators. Wherever there is a reasonable mobile signal, our single-path GPRS will stay connected to our server and deliver alerts into our MyAlarm system as soon as they occur. We monitor performance of the signalling devices and their SIMs and intervene when an issue is detected.

Phase 1, as you will have surmised, is just the beginning and MyAlarm services will develop during 2018. There will be further announcements when we will offer more of the innovative features of our SPT4 range of IP Alarm Communicators through MyAlarm. The next phase will open up remote control, so keep in touch and look at your applications to see if remote signalling can help your operation.

We want to hear from you. Contact us and tell us about your application.