At the end of 2017, we reflected on the year past and for Terrier SC, it was a period of development both for our products and for how we manage ourselves. The internal development centred around replacing a capable technician who left in 2016. It took most of the year by means of out-sourcing some work and changing how we test and complete product. It involved automating some tasks and much of this enabled us to reduce our cost-base. The final cherry on the cake was when we took on a part-timer from an unlikely source to close the gap in our production capability.

Problems often are the source of inspiration and can lead to unexpected benefits. We had a low point because of a mobile data network issue but this contributed to the major product revision that was already under way. The main focus of the year was to introduce the Freely Roaming SIM and we had to change our operational methods as well updating server software and product firmware. In fact, it changed the Terrier SC system – and for the better as our product reliability metrics are starting to show.

So, we start 2018 with an upgraded product and plenty of enthusiasm. We have a couple of new applications which will start trials soon and we are progressing new products for release this year. Our focus on customer support continues with additional systems infrastructure updates and an ongoing review of software and security standards. Our first HowTo video is nearly ready to support to customers when they train new staff. Plenty to do and much to talk about in 2018.

I trust the festive season has given you some happy memories of time spent with family and friends as it did me. I hope that, like me, you are looking forward to an exciting 2018. Happy New Year!