CCTV Monitoring Companies

The use of Remote CCTV to assist in the monitoring of industrial and commercial premises began so that security guards could oversee larger areas than the naked eye could manage. Gradually, it became a way to reduce the high cost of manned guarding by installing CCTV systems. This traded the capital cost of the installation for the reduction in running costs by reducing the dependence on security guards. The balance that has been reached is that a smaller number of people in a CCTV monitoring centre can now handle automatic alarms from a large number of sites and make decisions as to how to respond. The response will often rely on the security guard who is now part of an alarm response team dealing with the event.

The high availability of Broadband means that CCTV systems use IP transmission to allow the monitoring company to view the on-site cameras. The standard ADSL broadband connection accounts for a large proportion of remote site connections because it is available wherever there is a telephone line.

Companies that regularly install and/or monitor remote CCTV systems are well-versed in IP technology and the Terrier Alarm Signalling system is an easy fit for their installers, maintenance technicians and their monitoring staff. We are seeing CCTV monitoring expanding to other monitoring services and Fire Alarms, Intruder Alarms are now within the scope of many companies that started out with a core focus of guarding a property.

The remote control features of the SPT4 communicators are put to good use to protect the monitoring company from out of hours call-outs caused by communications problems. As remote CCTV monitoring relies on the ADSL broadband connection to be able to view the cameras, when the ADSL fails, the security of the premises is put at risk until the problem is resolved. Our dual-path SPT communicator not only provides an alarm when the ADSL fails, but it provides a Secondary signalling path on which to send a control signal and this is used to re-boot the site’s communications equipment.

CCTV Monitoring Companies provide a security service to a wide range of clients with a range of services allied to CCTV Monitoring that varies with their own specialisation. All are competing for business in a large market and an Alarm Signalling system that is a good fit with the mainstream business makes the Terrier SC system a good choice, especially with its competitive pricing and low running costs. If you would like to know more about what Terrier can do for your CCTV Monitoring company, please contact us.