Communicator Features

The design of our IP communicator has evolved from the secure message protocol at its core to include a veritable “Swiss Army knife” set of tools to suit a wide range of applications. The SPT4 versions offer a lower cost for some specific applications and this is achieved by omitting some components and by restricting functionality. The product that is appropriate to your application can be selected from the following table:

Features SPT431 SPT421 SPT420 SPT411
LAN  – automatic (DHCP) or fixed IP Address    
GPRS connection using Roaming SIM  
On/Off digital inputs with engineer’s Input Learn facility
Hi/Low voltage threshold inputs with Fault state
Alarms for Low Voltage supply and Power Up
Local or remote Day/Night switching of inputs
Serial digicom alarms SIA CID FF via PSTN emulation  
High speed serial connection for alarm panels  
UDL via PSTN input or serial connection  
Emergency telephone facility – for lifts and call-points    
Micro USB connector for local configuration
Diagnostic LEDs – status, GPRS signal strength