Councils have many duties and responsibilities to people and businesses in their local autority area and a number of these activities require round the clock management. CCTV cameras in public places are the highest profile and will be monitored by a council-run control room. The monitoring of CCTV cameras uses similar systems and processes to monitoring alarms and many councils will monitor the alarm systems in their own buildings.

The IT data networks to support council services extend to their own buildings, to public areas, to schools, libraries and other buildings. Security systems can use the IT data network to connect alarms to the control room and we find that Terrier SC’s ability to work behind the IT network’s firewalls makes the system very acceptable to IT professionals.

We have been delighted to assist in the transition from older, more expensive alarm signalling systems. The process has seen signalling systems with high running costs replaced, telephone line rental costs slashed and the need for out-sourced alarm monitoring curtailed. Introducing Terrier’s IP Communicators for alarm signalling is a financially beneficial process delivering high security and manageability.

Many of the Terrier IP Communicator’s features have applications in a local authority. Signalling alarms is, of course, the main use with Fire alarms, Intruder alarms and other plant such as boilers and fuel tanks being monitored. Our Communicator can also be used without an alarm panel and has been put to use for monitoring roofs and yards with the Control Room able to remotely switch protection on and off. The Emergency Telephone feature can be used both for public call points and for Lift Telephones providing the Control Room with full and speedy information as well as ensuring that the communications facilities are always available.

The duties and responsibilities of a local authority extend to a large number of people and businesses and councils take great care to ensure that services and facilities provided are both fit for purpose and sustainable. Using an alarm signalling system that works within the IT network and massively reduces running costs is very important especially when there is pressure to maintain services to the public and to protect the rate-payers. At Terrier SC we offer a system that has exceptionally low running costs as well as a broad communications functionality. If you would like to know more about what Terrier can do for your council, please contact us.