NHS Trusts

NHS Trusts are caring institutions that have to be exceptionally well organised to deliver good care and outcomes to their patients. They operate on large complex sites with a multitude of different activities that can appear remote from a patient’s perspective. A modern hospital has security issues, it has plant and equipment to maintain either through its own staff or through contractors. Alarm systems may not seem appropriate but alarm signalling technology certainly has a role to play, if not in healthcare, certainly in building and plant maintenance.

NHS IT data networks are highly managed in order to ensure that patient data is only revealed to authorised users and to ensure that it is held securely without contamination. Systems can use the IT data network and we find that Terrier SC’s ability to work behind the IT network’s firewalls to connect alarms to the control room makes the system very acceptable to IT professionals.

The applications for the IP Alarm Communicator include Fire Alarms and Intruder Alarms but also more specialist alarms like Panic Alarms, alarms to monitor the use of medical gases, boiler room plant and similar. Our experience is that our 16 input SPT4 communicators very often are filled up with a variety of alarms just from one building!

Any NHS Trust has a wide range of responsibilities which revolve around the care and protection of their patients and take great care to ensure that services and facilities provided are both fit for purpose and sustainable. Using an alarm signalling system that works within the IT network with low running costs is very important so the Terrier system which is designed from the ground up to demand little resource and provide high security transmission cost-effectively is a good match for NHS Trusts. If you would like to know more about what Terrier can do for your Trust, please contact us.