PSUs and Housing

communicator housings
Terrier SC’s communicators, the SPTs, are used in many different applications and some require boxed versions. We have a range of housings to suit various applications.
12 Volt Power Supply – Grade 3
The largest is the RGL EN3-1209B, which is an Intruder Alarm Grade 3 power supply. Mains powered, it delivers a nominal 12 volts and recharges a 7AH or 9AH battery – battery size is regulated by the EN 50131 standard.
Supplied with the SPT pre-wired so alarms are transmitted to the monitoring centre for rear or front Tamper, for Mains failure and for Faults including battery or fuse failure.
This SPT housing can form part of a Grade 3 alarm system.
Size: 330W 328H 90D



12 Volt Power Supply – General Uses
The smaller power supply housing is again mains powered and it is shown with the 2.1AH battery that it recharges.
The unit is supplied with the SPT pre-wired for the front Tamper switch. All SPTs monitor their own supply voltage and send a Low Voltage alarm to warn of impending failure.
Despite it’s compact size and small battery, this package will provides considerable battery back-up in the case of a mains failure. For a dual-path SPT431, over 12 hours is expected and for the Low Power SPT420, over a week.
Size: 208W 235H 96D



ABS Case – Weatherproof IP65
This housing for a communicator requires a separate power supply.
The unit would normally contain the Low Power SPT420 pre-wired with a lid Tamper and for an external 12 Volt supply. Supply options include various low voltage systems including solar. The antenna is contained within the case.
Size: 150W 200H 55D