Remote Reboot Kit

When you have a problem with your computer, you can often sort it out by re-starting it. The same happens with other software controlled equipment – turning the mains off and back on again can restore normal function. Remote Reboot saves time and money.
Our Remote Reboot has the SPT4 at its heart. It provides an “always on” secure virtual connection between the monitoring centre and the protected site. The Monitoring Centre has 24/7 access to the mains power switch so when a problem occurs, a Reboot message is sent and the equipment is turned off for 30 seconds and back on again.
Terrier Remote Reboot Equipment is supplied pre-wired and ready to install. Setting up the “always on” connection to the monitoring centre is simple with the Signal Strength tester built in to the SPT’s diagnostic LEDs.
We use Roaming SIMs to ensure the best choice of available mobile networks and we constantly monitor their performance. We offer telephone support which can be particularly helpful on a first installation and we are always available for advice.