Single-Path Communicator

Single-Path alarm signalling has many uses. For applications that do not warrant the ongoing expense of network charges, the LAN-Only version of the SPT4 provides an “always on” connection for monitoring building alarms with the option of remote control of local devices.

There are more applications for the GPRS-Only version of the SPT4. Often used for building alarms where there is no Internet connection, it can also operate as an Emergency Telephone. It is used in Lifts where it is far cheaper to maintain than a land-line as well as being constantly monitored.

A special Low Power version of the SPT4 is also available and it can run for weeks on a battery. All GPRS-Only SPT4 versions can be rapidly deployed to provide protection almost anywhere. They use the same high security message protocols and maintain an “always on” virtual connection(s) to the monitoring centre.

The feature list varies according to version but all following are available in Single-Path SPT4s:

  • It monitors its power supply and sends an alarm if this fails
  • It offers Pin Input, Dial Capture and Serial connections for alarm systems
  • It has inputs that can be set for High or Low voltage alarms
  • It has relay outputs that can be remotely or locally controlled
  • It provides Upload/Download connection to alarm panels
  • It ensures both connections to the monitoring centre are available at all times
  • It can provide an emergency telephone facility (as in a lift) and call pre-set numbers when activated so the caller can speak to a 24 hour helpline
  • It can disable inputs under local or remote control for Day/Night reporting of inputs

Like the Dual-Path version, should any re-configuration be required, this can be done through our lap-top configurator or we can be do it remotely.

Pictured is the Low Power GPRS-Only version