System Overview

The system provides a secure authenticated path between the automation system in the monitoring centre and the alarm system in the remote premises with a permanent virtual connection. Each connection is monitored and an alarm raised in the event of a failure. Alarms from the premises are passed to the automation system using an encrypted and time-stamped protocol and fully acknowledged while control messages are sent to the premises to manage the connection or for remote controls.
Alarm monitoring centres need redundant systems to mitigate risk from hardware of network failure and Terrier supports this with “always on” receivers in hot standby mode. The Config Server manages connections to the receivers and facilitates recovery when a receiver has a network or a hardware problem.
IP Alarm Signalling requires little bandwidth and little cost as it uses the IP connection at the premises. This can be an ADSL connection or a corporate network with a mobile data back-up using our low-cost Roaming SIMs.