Freely Roaming SIM

The new Freely Roaming (FR) SIM was first deployed in July by our Beta Test partner using an interim release of our server software. The software updates have now been finalised and replaced the interim system and we have started to update other customers.

The FR SIM gives our Dual-Path and Single-Path communicators a very stable “always on “ connection to the monitoring centre’s receiver. The connection does not go via a third-party’s server, so it is always available for the monitoring centre to send commands or queries to the remote site. It’s always there for an alarm message to be sent directly to the monitoring centre, of course.

The Beta Test trial went very well and when we looked more closely at individual unit performance, we saw good connection stability providing continuous availability. As the SIM is non-steering, it doesn’t use a particular network, it simply selects the network that is both available and suitable. We found one site where signal strength was actually not as good as we recommend but despite that the connection was good and stable.

With the FR SIM, we are offering a broader choice of security grades or categories. Dual-Path communicators will no longer be just grade 4 (now DP3) as the choice ranges from DP2 through DP2+, DP3 and right up to DP4. Single-Path communicators come as SP3, SP3+ or SP4. Importantly, all our network packages are as competitive as ever they were and now include some extra low prices!

We look forward to equipping all of our customers with the updated software to give them better connection stability. So they can enjoy even higher availability and fewer comms failures along with a wider range of security grades. And, as always, really competitive pricing!

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