Emergency Lift Telephone – Fully Monitored GSM Dialler

The GSM Dialler for Lift Telephones is the first service to be offered from our new infrastructure with services direct to users without the need to install our specialist servers.

Passenger lifts usually need a telephone connection so if the lift gets stuck, someone can be called for help. Some years ago, we updated our alarm communicator to also work as a GSM Dialler but only customers who have passenger lifts in their estate and who have our IP Alarm Signalling System have been able to use them.

The Fully Monitored GSM Dialler reports the loss of its network connection unlike a normal telephone line. This is important because when the line goes down, passengers could be left stranded in the lift. The device also reports when a passenger uses the telephone and it has other inputs that can be used for any other machinery alarms. It is flexible and customers really like the LOW ANNUAL COST of the GSM telephone connection that it provides.

The Fully Monitored GSM Dialler is now available through our new infrastructure and available to Building Maintenance organisations and Lift Service companies.

For more details or to trial our system, please call or email us now