Emergency Voice Communication System using Terrier SC Communicators

We have published an information sheet today providing details of how the Terrier SC Alarm Signalling system can provide Emergency Voice Communication in Safety Refuges. Refuges are designed into multi-occupancy buildings to give short-term protection to residents in the case of a fire and the BS5839 Code of Practice in its section 9 sets out how an Emergency Voice Communication system should perform.

Terrier SC Dual-Path communicators are well-known for their alarm signalling capabilities but not so much for the emergency telephone feature that can provide the link to the control room from a Fire Safety Refuge. When the emergency telephone is used, the communicator sends an alarm to the control room warning them that a call is coming so that they will already know the where the person is before they answer the call.

Many Emergency Voice Communication systems require the installation of an infrastucture of cabling or a private radio system. The Terrier SC system will use the existing infrastructure to connect to the control room over two independent communication paths. Firstly via a Local Area Network to provide almost instant alarms. Organisations such as universities, large factories, distribution warehouses and local councils that need to set up Safety Refuges will have an Internet or Wide Area Network connection to provide a communication path to the monitoring control room.

The second path is via the mobile network. This is normally used by the Terrier SC Dual-Path communicator as a standby alarm signalling path but it also be used to set up a GSM telephone call. We use Roaming SIMs so that we get the best reception wherever the the Emergency Telephone is installed. Even if the LAN connection fails, the initial alarm will be sent via mobile data before the GSM call is made.

So, providing a Safety Refuges does not require extensive installation work, the Terrier SC system will use that local IT and mobile networks to connect to the supervising control room. The Dual-Path connection provides speedy alarm data transmission and a telephone connection to a pre-programmed number getting the vulnerable person quickly in touch with the control room who can supervise their rescue. The Terrier SC system monitors all connections so there is no doubt about the readiness of the Emergency Telephone for an incident.

Please contact us to discuss how your applications could be helped with a Terrier SC solution.