We are launching a new version of our website this month (with the help of CDA Systems – a Creative Digital Agency) and we have been heavily into reviewing where we are and what we are doing. In preparation for new enquiries, we have reviewed our product presentation and pricing and this has been quite revealing. It showed that our ethos of providing high security alarm communications at low cost is alive and well.

The cost of our Roaming SIM means that all of our products that use GPRS signalling have a good and competitive price profile to match their performance. In fact, the pricing appears quiet dazzling when you compare to rates charged by networks to their corporate customers.

Our Single-Path Ethernet module, which operates discreetly and efficiently within corporate firewalls, is excellent value. Once purchased it runs at zero cost and provides multiple inputs which many of our customers make the fullest use of. There are units out there that have no spare inputs, each input is monitoring something, an alarm, a piece of plant, an experiment – anything with an output!

Then when we reviewed the Dual-Path communicator which combines the multiple inputs, the ability to work within corporate networks and a low-cost GPRS alternative signalling path, we confirmed that it is a very competitive product and that it has many applications.

So, all good. But we can do more and we have produced a NEW Price List with the Ethernet+GPRS Dual-Path communicator leading the charge with improved choices and better savings. All our customers will be seeing our exciting new May 2017 Price List this month.

If you would like to know how affordable our IP Alarm Signalling solutions can be, please call us.