If it doesn’t work, switch it off and then switch it back on again – where have we heard that before? When your site is miles away – we can help.

A minor update to our SPT4 range of high security communicators will provide a dedicated output for use as a switch to re-boot other equipment. The dual-path communicator is valued when used in conjunction with CCTV equipment that is monitored remotely over the Internet. Our system monitors the SPT’s landline LAN connection and provides an alarm if it fails. The monitoring centre will then know that there is now no access to the cameras on the site. However, as the SPT also has a radio connection, this can be used to re-boot the router or other equipment to re-establish the LAN connection.

The switching facility has been provided on all our previous SPTs but the operation of the switch has been changed to make it easier for monitoring centres to use. The control for it is on the new user interface being rolled out in November.