We are celebrating the incorporation of Terrier SC Ltd 15 years ago this month with a glance back to how things were then and now. In 2002, the alarm signalling landscape was dominated in most countries by the incumbent telephone companies (Telcos). To signal alarms, you had to use what the Telcos are offering and at that time it was all land-line telephone circuits.

BT was still the major supplier of land-lines and offered ordinary dial-up telephone lines (PSTN), leased lines and RedCare – a newer system dedicated to alarm signalling. The North American Base 10 system, which was available to any alarm provider, became a BT-only product when it was deployed in the UK as RedCare.

Then along came ADSL Broadband! The cable networks at that time did not have a data connection capability, but ADSL was expanding to homes and offices across the country. Here at last was a network that could handle a variety of applications and an alarm signalling network could be constructed without network costs.

All that is now ancient history but it was the dream of a secure alarm signalling system free of network costs that started Terrier SC Ltd. A new world of independence from the incumbent Telcos and a way to connect alarm systems to monitoring centres at rock-bottom prices.

We have honed our high security product offering, adding safety applications and offer security, reliability at a modest cost. We are specialised in working within restricted corporate networks which suits councils, universities and NHS Trusts and our products are well suited to work alongside remotely monitored CCTV systems.

There has been a lot of change over the last 15 years and the digital landscape now dominates many areas of life. The rate of change has been fantastic. What will the world be like in 2032?


Comments from our customers – 

Happy birthday! It’s a tradition in Yorkshire that the birthday boy get the buns in!!!!


Big congratulations on your success and longevity and am sure your future is very bright…
All the best Tony and thanks for all your help and support …it’s the people combined with the products that generally guarantees success and you have both…


Excellent, congratulations Tony, Terrier SC is a very well developed organisation.
Happy 15th Birthday Terrier SC and may the company grow and grow.